In this world of advanced technology, cyber crimes are increasing by leaps and bounds. Of course, you do your every possible effort to protect your confidential information such as your credit card number, your password and username of internet banking, and etc. However, the hackers use malicious code to get access to your system. Be it your Android phone, tablet, iPhone, or laptop, using that one vulnerable link you can easily expose your personal or sensitive details to the hacker. This is the reason why people often opt for seeking an SSL certificate to safeguard their sites from unpredictable vulnerabilities. It is perhaps one of the top-most methods to assure safety to your visitors. Why SSL certificate is mandatory for every website?

An SSL certificate mainly encodes the entire information shared between the server and the user. Following the process, this approach makes all the transferred details safe and unreadable by the third person. Still aren’t sure if SSL would work for your website? Here are some chief reasons why SSL certificate is essential:

1. Google has moved to secure web

Google Chrome 68 has initiated marking the HTTP websites as insecure. Though the websites with HTTP protocols were highly ranked by Google a few days back, in order to secure the users from unwanted hacks, Google has taken this effective step. There is nothing wrong to say that it is one of the most powerful attempts by Google that compel the site owners to get an SSL certificate to get their site ranking. As per the official blog of Google, the Chrome 68 for Android as well as the desktop is now secured by SSL certificates. Hence, to get your website at the top of the search engine list, it is a must to have an SSL certificate.

2. Data security

The major principle of the SSL certificate is to maintain the entire sensitive and confidential information of the users transferred across the internet securely. The data in this process is encrypted to make the content unreadable by the third party. This way, the content can only be accessed by its actual recipients.

Data Security

 3. Additional authentication

Getting an SSL certificate indeed aids you to get additional authentication i.e., the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) delivers the information only to the aimed server. Plus, this information isn’t accessible from any other system on the very same server.

4. Gaining customer trust

There exist around 70 percent of the internet users believing that laws designed to safeguard their interest isn’t accurate enough. Moreover, around 47 percent of this group of people doesn’t rely on any website (even if they wish to purchase products online) that doesn’t owe a legitimate SSL certificate. Hence, having a valid SSL certificate won’t only aid you to gain the trust of these users but the same will ramp-up your website’s potential.

5. Security from Phishing

Phishing is a common tactic utilized by the hackers to get access to your website through the malicious code. You might have received the email, Skype messages, or simply an SMS from a person that makes as if your service provider, however, the instant you click the link, the person get complete access to your system and thereby expose all your personal data. This unpredictable phishing attacks can be avoided by the SSL certificates.

Additional Authentication

So, whether you run an e-commerce website to escalate your product sale and revenue or you have just designed it to promote your specific services, an SSL certificate makes it completely reliable and secure to be visited.

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