In today’s era of advanced technology, the internet has become a major source of providing accurate information for almost every case. This is the reason why people today spend most of their time on the web. Though the internet is positively influencing this generation, it is perhaps associated with some negative traits such as fraudulent activities, information hack, and much more. When it comes to online purchasing, around 49.9% of the people hesitate to prefer the online e-commerce websites to make their transaction as they aren’t very confident about sharing their confidential data to an unknown website. SSL Certificate is a necessity for websites now a days.

Moreover, due to an increase in online vulnerabilities, the hackers often send a malicious code to the users via Skype, Google Mail, Hangouts, and so on. The purpose of sending this malicious link is to get access to the sensitive details of the users such as their credit card number, bank passwords, and much more.

SSL Certificate
In order to protect the site’s visitors from these vulnerabilities, Google has been constantly introducing several latest security and measures that have proven to be effective enough in preventing the hackers to attack the users through a malicious website. One such attempt of Google is switching the HTTP websites to the safest protocol ‘HTTPS’. As you all might know that Google has recently declared the entire websites initiating with HTTP as ‘Not Secure’, thousands of website owners are opting for SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to get their site protected from an unpredictable attack of hackers. Now the question is How an SSL certificate aid you gain the trust of your regular visitors? Here’s all that you need to know:

How SSL certificate will help you to gain the trust of your site visitors?

The chief reason why your visitors prefer staying longer on your website is just because the green padlock provided by an SSL certificate that is clearly apparent in your website. This green padlock work as the security signal portraying that the website visitors are staying at is secure from the access of hackers. And so the information transmitted between the web server and web browser is secure. This safety has been specially designed for the websites that deal with the personal and confidential information such as membership fee of using particular services or shopping through their debit/credit card.

As per the recent research, there was about more than 70 percent of the users that canceled their already placed order just because they don’t have enough confidence on the website. In addition to this, there exist 65 percent of the people saying that they would have completed the transaction procedure if the website would have the security mark of SSL certificate. Trust undeniably plays a vital role for online shoppers and in the absence of the security mark or a seal on a website, they’re more apt to leave the site. Of course, you won’t like to share your private data to any usual site especially if it’s flagged as ‘Not Secure’, isn’t it? Hence, it is worth to seek an SSL certificate from an online reputable store to gain the confidence and trust of your buyers and make your website a secure platform for them.

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