Google Chrome stable version welcomed the v68 official version of the third maintenance release, the detailed version number is v68.0.3440.106, the last official version v68.0.3440.84 was released on August 1, after 8 days Google A new version of Chrome has been released. This Chrome 68 update is mainly to update security fixes and stability improvements and user experience.

A major change has been added to the official version of Google Chrome v68 , which is more cautious when loading non-HTTPS sites . All HTTP pages will appear as “unsecure”, and for sites that still use HTTP, Google will provide a setup guide to help them transition to HTTPS. Chrome will start throwing warnings whenever it encounters potentially unsafe sites. Although it does not have much impact on daily use, it is indeed a major shift to date. Added new malicious ad defense mechanism, tab-under behavior blocking function, support for Payment Handler API and Page Lifecycle API.

Google Chrome v67 official version of the new site isolation feature, can improve the overall security of the Chrome browser, protect users or minimize the risk of attacks caused by the Spectre security vulnerability widely concerned by the media, the vulnerability has been no less than Four variants. In addition, the full use of the various sensors in the smartphone and the new immersive experience for mobile devices through the new WebXR framework (which has integrated many of the APIs of VR and AR). These APIs can be used to create web games such as desktop maze or utilities like digital compasses.

Official update log

Chrome stable version has been updated to v68.0.3440.106, this update does not give a detailed update log.


Security fixes and rewards

Update includes 42 security fixes.

Source: Cnbeta

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