Overwhelming shadow of cyber threat has been threatening the cyber world and many organizations. Experts have taken different measures and still, new updates are coming in a way that helps to boost inside/outside security architecture. In this article, we will talk about one of the most secured resources named SSL certificate and the SSL Certificate providers.

About SSL and its Importance:

In simple linguistic, the information can be exchanged through a secured tunnel. SSL certificate works on few elements like key, encryption, hash etc. that makes it matchless in the online world. SSL certificate enables HTTPS instead of HTTP on the address bar. The extra “S” denotes that the website is secured with a third-party certificate authority and the site has passed certain authentication standards. Customers easily put trust on such websites and ideal for online transactions like debit/credit or Net banking transactions. To avoid third-party interception, SSL certificate is now a basic need for any website security. With SSL, your website will look like https://www.example.com instead of http://www.example.com. SSL certificate saves transferred data from man-in-middle attack, phishing attack, data sniffing, etc.

Choosing the best SSL Providers:

There is an enormous responsibility for every company to defend the data of its customers. This is the reason why the usage of SSL certificate is gaining popularity these days. Here are some key aspects of the SSL providers which should be kept in mind:

  • A high level of security
  • The capability of the browser
  • Trust Site Seal
  • Validation type of Encryption Certificate
  • Policy of Refund
  • The period of trial
  • Issuance Time

Top 4 Best and Reliable SSL Providers:

Cheap SSL Shop

Cheap SSL Shop provides different types of SSL certificates with immediate issuance. You can get domain validation, Organization Validation or Extended Validation SSL certificate to protect your website. Wildcard SSL provides protection of a single website and its’ unlimited sub-domains. An encryption key of 256-bit is provided along with 2048-bit RSA key. Hence providing protection to data during a transition, SSL Certificate should be implemented on your server and it also aids organizations to protect their sites at a very minimal price.

The prices of domain validation SSL certificates are:

  • Comodo Positive SSL- $4.95/year
  • RapidSSL certificate- $7.00/year
  • Thawte SSL123 certificate- $26/year
  • GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Certificate – $35/year


A huge variety of SSL certificates provided by Quavzent. Which are trusted globally? SSL certificates are issued by certificate authorities (CA) who are leading in an industry such as DigiCert, RapidSSL, Comodo, Thawte, Symantec, and GeoTrust. Quavzent purchases sheer number of certificates and is, therefore, an expert in negotiating vast discounts.  It also tends to pass on the savings to its customers because it sells at the minimal price. Limenex is famous for providing services of high quality and support.

The price of DV SSL certificates are:

  • Comodo Positive SSL- $49.95/year
  • Thwate SSL123- $157/year


SSL2BUY is most trusted SSL certificate provider. We can buy Comodo Positive SSL at the cheapest price. This certificate assures your visitors and customers that the website is safe and that their data is private and is protected.

The prices of DV SSL certificates are:

  • Comodo Positive SSL- $8.67/year
  • AlphaSSL Certificate- $ 16.67/year
  • RapidSSL Certificate- $ 26 /year
  • GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Certificate – $58.33/year


WebHostingBuzz provides dedicated servers and Comodo SSL certificates. They also help in setting up the server the same day. It also provides the entire basic tools one may need like cPanel. Customer support of 24*7 is also offered as there are experienced representatives. There is also an uptime guarantee of up to 99%.

The prices of DV SSL certificates are:

  • Comodo Positive SSL- $12.95/year
  • Comodo Essential SSL- $19.95/year
  • Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard- $79.95/year
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