Firstly to improve your publish content estimate its scorecard weightage with the help of Google analytics to see how effective it will going to perform. What is Content Scorecard? It is a concept developed by Jeff Goins and his team as a medium to enhance content effectiveness, engagement or traffic. After they implement it practically they saw substantial successful results the tactic is simple- “Summarize a set of criteria for each blog post as well as add a point for each criterion your post fulfills.” For publishing better content, the primary thing is that you must have in-depth knowledge in your field of creating quality content.

For example:- Focus on content originality, create strong headlines – as it interest readers and 80% of the audience going to read your headlines, build engaging or actionable content, do continual updates, etc. For this purpose, you can even improve your knowledge by doing a lot of research or reading books and magazines in your field. You can also hire the experienced content writer if you don’t have enough time to do it on your own. If you need to publish high-quality content on a consistent basis, then it’s an ideal choice to collaborate with a professional content writer. Keep in mind that regularity is very significant for successful content marketing.

If you publish high-quality content considering a strict style than it will be more consistent and undoubtedly beneficial for you. Always keep a content publishing calendar which generally comprises of topics or ideas list with date and schedule. Therefore you can manage the publishing process in a more precise and secure manner. Content curation is also another good way of publishing content frequently as it is the procedure of finding high-quality content on other sites and then linking to them from your website via input. It could be like a warehouse of quality content starts to build up under your domain you never know.

Now the question is – How you can overcome the obstacles in between to publish regular content? Like making great ideas to publish new contents and to ensure that the quality is up to the mark.

Follow these Elements to Publish Better Content

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Essentials

  • Title Tag (Max 55 characters):- Include target keyphrase once at the beginning.
  • Headline:- Use common top and target keyphrase.
  • Keyword Usage:- Involve the key phrase two to five times in the whole content.
  • Meta description (Max 155 characters):- It is the simple sentence summary of the entire article and includes the keyphrase once.
  • Cover semantically linked words:- The words that are connected to the target phrase should come out in the article once.

Human Psychology Methods

  • Links:- Include internal linking in between the articles, link to product and service page.
  • Secondary Headline:- Clearing Indicate the benefits of reading the article, use numbering pattern if possible.
  • Formatting:- Sometimes use short paragraphs(Max – 4 lines) as well as include bold and italic font format.
  • Lists:- Take in bulleted and numbering lists because that makes content easy to scan.
  • Quotes or Mentions:- Mention and contain the quote written by an expert within the field.
  • Examples and proof:- Give specific examples or data for any claims even can add a link to any evidence.
  • CTA (Call to action):- Include a CTA button within your content to invite the reader to take action, i.e., comment or subscribe.
  • Author Section:- Include the author image, link to a bio and preferred social media profile.


  • Click to Tweet:- Particular quotes shareable on a click.
  • Video:- Embedded video at the pinnacle of the article.
  • Audio:- Embedded audio player.
  • Slideshare:- Insert Slideshare presentation.
  • PDF Download:- Include alternate version for print or download on a click/by inserting an email address.

Additional Key Points

  • Research top competitor posts for your keyword.
  • Pick a relevant topic for your business.
  • Discover a keyword with high SEO potential.
  • Design strong and compelling visuals.

Here the excellent option is to go for best proofreading tools to polish your content let’s proceed further and elaborate the top four proofreading tools available.

1. White Smoke

These days a large number of writers don’t use separate text editing application when writing their copy. Many use Google drive to write, modify and back up their work all at once hence white smoke is the perfect choice for you. It is a straightforward tool that can be downloaded into the text editor of your choice, so you don’t need to copy and paste. White Smoke is a handy tool as it will check grammar or spelling as you are working in Google drive itself. You don’t require an outside program anymore to get your work done.

2. Grammarly

It is the smart proofreading tools available as free browsers extension including Chrome, Firefox, etc. Once you download the Grammarly, a small “G” will appear in social media content box that’s how you know that it is installed and ready to use. It’s going to keep an eye on you whenever you write anything in your browser and provides you suggestion to correct your mistake. That is you can detect errors such as capitalization, punctuation and wrongly used word. Therefore red underlined words hover over with your mouse and you can able to write error-free content online.

Grammarly will check your write-up for 250 most common grammatical mistakes, and you can even try the premium membership for advanced attributes.

3. Slick Write

It is a dominant tool which gives you an in-depth analysis to improve your content if you want to deliver a professional article to your client than Slick Write is the only ideal option to go. The majority of experts and firms like to use this free online proofreading tool to proofread their documents. It not just checks spelling as well as grammar faults, but it also has two diverse segments, i.e. ‘statistics’ and ‘flow’.

Statistics part allow you place numbers in your write-up plus flow section provides you with information that how you can make it simple to understand. The tool is also available in the mobile-friendly interface so that you can use it on the way as well.

4 Grammark

Grammark is one of the outstanding tools to improve your write-up as it will permit you to sort out small errors like run-on sentences, passive voice, word count or much more. Not even this it can also highlight the common grammar and spelling mistakes. All you require to do is paste your content in the text box, and it will effectively improve your writing. It’s a worthy tool so you must have to try it at least once to observe how much it can recover your writing.

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