How to fight with increasing mobile phishing threat and secure your privacy

Despite the growing advancements in technology that have enabled hyperconnectivity, a larger storage system that can be accessed anywhere in the world, and other benefits, cybercrime is still a possible occurrence and the increase in mobile phishing. In the past decade alone, malware, man-in-the-middle attacks, and data leaks have risen as the most widespread threats for organizations who’ve incorporated mobile devices into their processes.

However, another equally-dangerous yet the highly-overlooked form of mobile attack is rising today: mobile phishing – a well-known and well-understood attack predicated on social engineering that is targeting mobile device users of an enterprise. While it isn’t entirely new, this phenomenon has caught the attention of data security experts and CISOs around the world due to its growing manifestation.

Business and organization owners, therefore, must be equipped with the necessary knowledge about this rising threat to ensure that the safety, security, and privacy of their enterprise is not so easily compromised. Learn about this threat and what techniques you can employ to defend against this attack with this infographic by TeleMessage.

Mobile Phishing Threat Infographic

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